Co-Sell Orchestration

Digital Bridge Partners empowers organizations to unlock ecosystem potential armed with a co-sell motion that results in predictable revenue. Revenue Teams, Partner Teams, and Partners can finally receive the support they need to take advantage of co-sell benefits, including:


•  3-6x increase in sourced and influenced revenue

•  2.5-3x greater revenue contribution

•  50% faster deal closes

•  200% increases in ACV

Introducing the Digital Bridge Partners Co-Sell Program. Working with our friends at Superglue, Reveal, Crossbeam, and LeanData we have developed a standardized and scale-able playbook and supporting managed service that can help you plan and execute best practice co-selling.

Our best practice program allows you to effectively orchestrate co-sell, including:



Customers can leverage the playbook solution in three ways:


Partner Assist

A packaged Superglue/DBP offering for Partner Managers to standardize activities, increase productivity, and accelerate outcomes.

  • Standardized best practice partner assist co-sell approach
  • Superglue solution configuration and delivery
  • Partner team alignment, enablement, and project management
  • Partner Assist Accelerator 1-Pager

Co-Sell Revenue

A modular, scale-able, co-sell program for Partner and Revenue teams delivering 3-6x increases in co-sell revenue.


  • Co-sell plan and business case
  • Configured LeanData, Crossbeam, and Reveal solutions
  • A playbook and enablement for both Revenue and Partner teams
  • Co-Sell Revenue Program 1-Pager

Managed and
Professional Services

Additional management, execution, and resourcing for companies seeking greater support for their co-sell activities.

  • Enablement, project management, application hosting, staff augmentation, and etc.
  • Project based on retainer based engagement models

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Digital Bridge thought leadership provides an excellent source of research, insight, and innovation pertaining to Co-Sell Orchestration processes, programs, tools and best practices. Explore additional insights on our Insights Page.

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To get started on your path to Co-Sell driven Revenue, drop us a note or schedule a free consultation with Allan Adler, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Digital Bridge Partners, to explore how we can help you:


•  Get clear on the value of co-sell orchestration

•  Conduct a co-sell orchestration assessment and create your co-sell business case

•  Develop a co-sell program, playbook, and roadmap