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Outbound Referral Playbook

The Digital Bridge Partners Outbound Referral Playbook is a purpose built methodology for delivering partner referrals, reducing churn, improving customer and partner NPS, and ultimately increasing revenue.


Based on deep industry and functional expertise and backed by real world case studies


Easy to implement, adopt and scale


Rapidly establishes best practice skills and processes to drive outcomes

The playbook helps organizations gain deep insight on customer and partner needs to ensure that referrals drive shared value. And the approach efficiently scales with increases in volume and rapidly responds to changes in the partner landscape.

Case Study

For an example of how the Playbook can help your organization increase revenues, reduce churn and deliver customer value, download our case study.

Playbook Bundles

Customers can leverage the playbook in three ways:


and Coaching

For organizations that have the people and tools to effectively implement and run the Playbook themselves with coaching to support adoption

  • Option to purchase 3 hours of implementation and process development coaching
  • 90 day access to a shared Slack channel

and Implementation

For organizations that have the people to run the Playbook, but need support with implementation and setting up the required tools

  • Full implementation of the playbook into standard operating procedures, including:
    • Procurement and set-up of necessary tools
    • Design and construction of materials
    • Running training and alignment sessions
    • Development of reporting dashboards, workflow automations, and CRM configuration

and MSO

For companies that need both the people and supporting tools delivered as an outsourced service


  • Full implementation of the playbook into standard operating procedures
  • Running and maintaining the process on your behalf, including:
    • Actioning on referral opportunities to connect customers with partners
    • Serving as the liaison between customers, partners, and customer success team
    • Monitoring and reporting on process KPIs
    • Constant improvement

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