The New Flywheel: Where Product-Led Growth Meets Ecosystem-Led Growth

September 22, 2021

In building #ecosystem programs and evolving the partnership org to become a CXO-led line of business (LoB), partnership leaders have to balance two big joint-customer OKRs:

-Growing their partner-influenced business

-Growing their partner-sourced business

With the increasing dominance of B2B SaaS, we’ve noticed the pendulum shifting from partner sourced to partner influenced revenue as Ecosystem dynamics have moved partnership leaders beyond the Channel LoB’s historic, myopic focus on sourced revenue.

To help partner leaders land the compelling ROI from partner-influenced revenue, why not demonstrate its value through the lens of Product-Led Growth.  PLG is all about creating a business-model flywheel that optimizes and accelerates the user experience from awareness to evangelism. Scaling the growth of influence improves the flywheel by increasing top-of-funnel activity while accelerating the customer journey across the user experience stages. Creating this connection and quantifying the impact on PLG should make VPs of Product & Revenue stand up and pay attention!

The Ecosystem flywheel shifts to overdrive when partner leaders connect partner-driven influence with partners’ ability to deliver superior customer experience.  This is achieved by linking company SaaS-to-SaaS roadmaps and their influence leverage with a more impactful version of a channel of value-realization services partners like SIs and Agencies who can support end-to-end solutions.

We like to call this roadmap-to-influence-to-channel play and the accelerated growth flywheel that it creates #EcosystemLedGrowth (ELG).  And we are betting that the results of ecosystem-led growth will convince CEOs to invite partnership leaders to join the C-suite and help them build out their #EcosystemLoBs.