The GoToEcosystem Framework that Your CEO Should Own

The GoToEcosystem Framework that Your CEO Should Own

January 4, 2022

Building on our work in 2021 focused on making the case for how critical Ecosystems are to GoToMarket success, our New Year’s Resolution at Digital Bridge Partners in 2022 is to help XaaS CEOs and their C-Suites create and execute holistic GoToEcosystem strategies across their entire organization.  As a foundation we’ve developed a GoToEcosystem Framework that empowers company leaders to deliver superior, highly differentiated, interconnected customer outcomes.

The now famous 2018 Accenture quote that “76% of business leaders surveyed agree (that) current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years (and that) ecosystems will be the main change agent,” can lead to some misleading conclusions. The biggest one being that CEOs understand how they should orchestrate an Ecosystem to their company’s advantage.

In our study of hundreds of XaaS tech companies, Digital Bridge found that fewer than 25% of CEOs leverage a holistic, ecosystem approach across their entire organization to drive significant enterprise and customer value. This is because CEOs, Heads of Product, and Heads of Revenue still operate in what we call the Four Walls Syndrome (FWS) – where products are designed and built in house and downstream teams are engaged in silos to drive ACV.  This linear model and outdated way of thinking leads to fragmentation, sub-optimization and doesn’t unlock the power of an Ecosystem.

To support the CEO, the C-Suite and Partner leaders in overthrowing the FWS, we are thrilled to introduce our GoToEcosystem Framework.  This codifies a best practice ecosystem operating model to drive business success.