Allan Adler


Allan Adler is a world-class Ecosystems advisor, consultant and change agent supporting individuals, managers and executives to understand and incorporate partnership best practices in service to our businesses, our partnerships, and our planet.   He is the creator of the GoToEcosystem Framework that guides XaaS CEOs and C-Suite to unlock the potential of Ecosystem Orchestration.


As Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners, Allan is our Chief Ecosystem Officer and drives thought leadership to help clients drive ecosystem differentiation and accelerate their ecosystem flywheel. Allan is also the Chair of the Ecosystem Counsel at PartnerHacker and an Executive Member of Partnership Leaders.


Previously, Allan founded and ran (as CEO) MSI Consulting Group; a 100-person sales and marketing strategy firm focused on the high-tech where he became a leading sales and marketing strategist and visionary. Allan also worked as a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and received his MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business where he was honored as a Baker Scholar. Allan is also a CPA and serves on several for-profit and not-for-profit boards.


Dylan Charles


Dylan has deep experience working with technology, media, services, and manufacturing clients. He brings unique insight and thought leadership to the strategic, operational, business model, ecosystem, and go-to-market challenges faced by companies in rapidly changing or disrupted industries.


He also brings with him the perspective of an experienced start-up founder, including Solmetric, a successful solar startup, and Critical Sense, an early ASP Cloud service provider focused on the retail market.


Dylan’s previous roles include Managing Director of Crimson Consulting, Partner in Charge of the McKenna Group’s San Francisco office, and Managing Director at KPMG, where he established and managed a Strategy and Implementation Planning Group, recognized by Forrester Research as one of the premier strategy teams in the industry.


Dylan is on the board of Ecology Project International, an international non-profit dedicated to education and the environment and served on the Advisory Board of City Car Share, an early car sharing platform. Dylan has a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

Chris Lavoie

GoToEco Strategy Advisor

Chris Lavoie is a rising star in the partnerships arena, and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in Technology Partnership program development for ISVs, with a specialty in the monetization of integration partnerships. Chis’ rapid ascent can be linked to his obsession with reciprocal value creation: for customers, partners, and the entire ecosystem.


As GoToEco Strategy Advisor at Digital Bridge Partners, Chris drives thought leadership supporting and accelerating client Ecosystem strategies, with a particular focus on launching and/or scaling Technology Partnership programs for competitive advantage. He creates and deploys GoToEco solutions, fuels program development, and trains partner organization leadership and teams on how to master best-in-class practices and tools. Chris is also an Executive Member of Partnership Leaders.


Previously, Chris launched and scaled the Technology Partnership program at Gorgias – the #1 rated and adopted helpdesk software for ecommerce merchants. Under his leadership the program became a top 3 revenue driving channel for the company (from <1% to 15-20% MoM ARR contributor) impacting a wide range of broad-level metrics, including NRR, churn, and NPS, and helping scale their App Marketplace from 10 to 100+ Apps.


Chris holds a PhD in Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry and previously spent 8 years in academic research, where he published a dozen peer-reviewed studies en route to numerous patents, awards and grants (>$300k lifetime), including the prestigious NSERC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, which he held at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).


Skills: Management Consulting – Business Advisory Services – Partnerships – Integration GTM Strategy – Coaching/Mentoring



John Nelson

Director of Research

John has extensive experience providing strategic qualitative and quantitative research services to clients in a variety of industries including High-Tech, Financial Services, and Retail. John’s particular area of focus centers around qualitative research with senior executives and hard-to-find industry experts. He leverages a database of over 4,000 executives who have participated in prior research projects to quickly bring together subject matter expertise to evaluate new product offerings, competitive positioning, and go-to-market strategies.