Is Your SaaS Org an Ecosystem Business?

Is Your SaaS Org an Ecosystem Business?

We are often asked about the outcomes companies and their CEOs can achieve in transforming to an ecosystem business and what the key dependencies are for success.

Our GoToEcosystem Opportunity Matrix summarizes the two main dependencies, including: aligning programs across the organization to increase partner value and moving from a product to a network business model:

Aligned Programs

Program Alignment happens when all the groups in an organization, including Product, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success both understand and leverage the power of partners and where:

  • Partners and Communities are embedded across the organization.
  • Partner IP is instantiated in product roadmaps & solutions.

Network Business Model

Transformation to a Network Business Model occurs when market network effects kick in based platform driven 3rd party co-innovation, and where:

  • Partners are attached to more than >90% of deals.
  • Partners and communities build >25% of the Product IP.
  • Business model is powered by Network Effects.


GoToEcosystem performers like Salesforce, HubSpot, Atlassian, ServiceNow, Twilio provide a great example of the outcomes an ecosystem focused organization can achieve, including growth, profitability and valuation:

These organizations serve as Ecosystem Business Superstars that other companies can aspire to follow.

If your business isn’t quite there, don’t feel too bad. Most businesses are not able to identify as true Ecosystems Businesses. In the meantime, it is important to ask these questions:

  1. Does your CEO understand the opportunity of transforming into an Ecosystem Business?
  2. Can you show your C-Suite your crawl, walk, run plan to transform your organization into an Ecosystem Business?

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