GoToEcosystem RoadMap and Acceleration Packages



The GoToEcosystem (G2E) Roadmap & Accelerator Service Packages are fixed price service offerings designed to fast track ecosystem results for B2B SaaS Partnership Leaders and their C-Suite.


The Roadmap Package provides strategic recommendations and an action-oriented roadmap to guide companies from stage to stage along their ecosystem journey. 


The Accelerator Package builds on roadmap recommendations with regular coaching sessions and a quarterly progress assessment to ensure successful outcomes. 


The Digital Bridge Partners G2E Maturity Model 


Both packages are based on Digital Bridge Partner’s G2E Maturity Model, a four stage journey in which each stage articulates the business challenges, best practices and specific business outcomes associated with ecosystem maturity.

The G2E Roadmap & Acceleration Package Services and Pricing


G2E Services Packages include four discrete deliverables:

The Roadmap Package is priced at $9,999 and includes:


  • An audit and evaluation of a company’s current GoToEcosystem maturity based on a benchmark of hundreds of other SaaS companies


  • A workshop to review priority gaps and develop strategic options for action


  • A step-by-step crawl, walk, run roadmap recommendation, based on a company’s unique needs and circumstances 


The Acceleration Package follows the initial roadmap and is priced at $14,999. It includes:


  • Regular individual and/or team coaching sessions over the course of three months to drive progression along the G2E maturity model.


  • Detailed progress assessments to drive ongoing success with recommendations on how to overcome barriers and success hurdles.


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