GoToEco Training

Partnership Manager Accreditation 1

Digital Bridge Partners’ Partnership Manager Accreditation 1 training up-levels partner manager team skills, rapidly transforms partner organizations into Ecosystem led businesses and unlocks the next level of growth and income for organizations and their teams.


Designed and delivered by practitioners with deep, relevant industry and functional expertise


Easy to adopt, use, and scale


Rapidly establishes best practice skills and processes to drive partner outcomes

Unlike other training offerings that aren’t purpose built for, or focused on the unique needs of partner account managers, Digital Bridge Partners’ Partnership Manager Accreditation 1 offers targeted, role specific, and highly relevant training and coaching specifically configurable to the needs of a modern SaaS company.

The course offering focuses on delivering immediate and long-lasting improvements in confidence and critical skills required to climb the partnership’s professional ladder and rapidly drive technology partnership sourced revenue outcomes at scale.

Training is delivered as follows:

Self-Guided Course

For Partnership Managers who are comfortable navigating the course on their own

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Group discounts available

Self-Guided Course
+ 1:1 Coaching

For Partnership Managers who are looking for additional 1:1 coaching to sharpen their skills

  • Free course access for 3 team members
  • 3 hours of 1:1 coaching

Self-Guided Course
+ Live Group Training Sessions

For teams of Partnership Managers who want additional coaching on key concepts from the course

  • Free course access for 5 team members
  • 4 hours of group coaching

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