Drive Tech Partner Attribution Through Productization

December 8, 2022

Since September, I have written five articles discussing the opportunity and value of treating tech partner integrations like products.

-Overcoming the Homelessness Problem

-The Power in GoToEco Bundles

-GoToEco for Sales

-Think like a CRO (with Account-Based Marketing)

-GoToEco in 2025 (for Customer Success)

What’s the common denominator in all these articles? Productize your tech partner solutions and manage them as products to drive NRR and ARR.

Build your SKUs and align your KPIs

In the old days, we used to call tangible partner products stock-keeping units – SKUs- because they were physical items that sat on distributor’s shelves, ordered by the channel, and shipped to customers.

Today, partner solutions are less physical, but if you build an integration to connect you and your partner’s SaaS offerings, you have a SKU that can be aligned to shared KPIs with Product (build), Marketing (demand), Sales (co-selling) and Success (co-deploying).

Measure what matters

The most important measure, especially as partner teams have to justify their headcount and spending, is showing the relationship between that SKU, ARR, and NRR. Partner Leaders need to align with the C-Suite on the value of the SKU.

-Product – By showing our CPOs how the SKU extends our product. By completing, complementing, and extending the product offering, partner SKUs are strategic and must be viewed as part of the product roadmap.

-Marketing – By promoting the SKU to our partners’ customers, and vice versa, by leveraging ABM campaigns, we drive the highest converting leads from MQL to SQL.

-Sales – By leveraging partner referrals, the SKUs allow us to lower our CAC by 50% and increase our deal sizes by 1/3. And when we give referrals to our partners to leverage the SKU, they always reciprocate.

-Customer Success – By deploying the SKUs to our joint customers we lower churn and increase cross and upselling which spikes our NRR. Check out our GoToEco Success Framework presentation and PLX video for more about surviving the tech downturn and growing your business.

Joint tech partner solutions that leverage better together use cases hold the secret for driving ARR and NRR; let us learn to tell the GoToEco stories that get our C-Suite to see the future today.