CEO Imperatives for GoToEcosystem Success

CEO Imperatives for GoToEcosystem Success

March 1, 2022

In our previous article, Ecosystem Window Dressing, we talked about the fact that CEOs talk but don’t walk the walk of transforming their business models and GTMs to truly leverage Ecosystem advantages.

EY’s 2022 Ecosystem Study shows us how successful CEOs and C-Suites are driving high performance Ecosystems based on factors such as governance processes and dedicated business units, resources, and accountability.

The EY research establishes an important foundation for action. We’d like to build on that and take the imperatives for successful GoToEcosystem transformation to the next level, setting forth the following additional C-Suite priorities:

-Strategize:  Develop an orchestrated GoToEcosystem strategy aligned to a platform business model. Successful execution of this strategy will emerge as the biggest driver of competitive advantage, sustained growth, superior valuation, and making a difference in the world.

-Prioritize:  Make the GoToEcosystem transformation a top-3 CEO imperative.

-Lead:  Appoint an Ecosystem Chief with their own LoB, reporting to the CEO and empowered to align corporate goals with LoB goals and matrix, manage Ecosystem strategy, OKRs, performance, accountability, reporting, transformation, and organizational change management.

-Pivot:  GoToEcosystem transformation must pivot the entire company to serve a shared Ecosystem strategy, execution approach, and management model. Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Ecosystem lines of business should play an important and aligned role in driving success.

-Persevere:  GoToEcosystem transformation and orchestration will take place over a multi-year horizon.

-Align:  Strategy and OKRs should optimize and harmonize the three GoToEcosystem key focus areas:  Co-innovated Solutions, Commercial Partnerships, and Community Advocacy.

-Unlock:  GoToEcosystem strategy will unlock all six Ecosystem value foundations:  innovation, influence, sales, value realization, network effects, and trust and sustainability.

-Commit:  Prioritize Ecosystem partner and community expectations in the same way as customer and employee promises and expectations.