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How to Make Partner-Led GTM (Channel Management) Agile standard

Operating an Agile Channel Management model is essential in today’s business climate for any company with a partner-led GTM strategy.  This includes: Software, hardware, and/or services vendors Distributors and others that rely on a one or two-tier channel Any company in the process of building out a new platform-based ecosystem – such as GE or other industrial players trying to create an industry platform. Why is this critical? In today’s market, companies must continually innovate and innovation requires companies to be agile in every way – to be the first company to delight the customer, to adjust quickly to new competition or market forces, and to have a team that can continuously learn and succeed through collaboration.  Agile, regardless of domain, is about 4 core ...

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New IT Channel Ecosystem standard

Channel roles are changing and no longer as black and white as they used to be, eg ISV, SI, LOB Consultant, Reseller etc. These companies are taking on blended functions, including resale, development, LOB consulting, systems consulting, implementation etc. Most vendor partner programs don’t address the channel’s needs for more flexible engagement. The stakes are high as it is now forecasted that 80% of vendor channel contribution will come from hybrid partners who embrace third platform as well as on-premise solutions and from born-in-the-cloud partners who have no or very limited connection to the legacy business that drove second platform businesses. These evolving and new partners do not want to work with inflexible, top-down, prescriptive programs but are increasingly demanding ...

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Digital Transformation and Partner Networks standard

Digital disruption is breaking apart traditional business models and forcing companies to adapt. Partner networks will be crucial strategic levers in the new landscape, however they will need to evolve to be more agile, flexible, and less hierarchical, moving from a “Program” to a “Platform” approach. In our point of view deck below, we lay out some of the key building blocks we see for this new architecture and pose a series of questions that companies will need to consider as they evaluate the implications on their own business networks. Click the image above to open our point of view deck

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