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In a recent blog, we discussed Humanity and the Law of Hyperconnection and concluded that being increasingly connected to people, places and things will require greater mindfulness and self-awareness so we can operate from what is true and authentic within each of us.  We ended speaking briefly to the organizational imperative to be empathetic to the humans within and outside our corporate walls. I’d like to take the organizational imperative to focus on the human factor to the next level.  It’s not just a good HR idea to support employees, partners, and customers by being sensitive to peoples’ need for meaningful, ‘truly’ connected experiences in a hyper— often disconnected— world, but it might be the ticket to using digital as a way of ...

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Digital Transformation- The CIO Moment standard

In Darrell Rigby’s article last week in Harvard Business Review, “Two Digital Myths That Trip Up the C-Suite,” he debunks the idea that “every individual or organizational unit must be self-sufficient in digital technologies” and that LoB decision makers need to develop their own digital infrastructure. His argument against this approach is based primarily on the “shadow IT” problem, and he highlights the range of negative impacts shadow IT can have. He then says that a more effective strategy for digital infrastructure creation is structured around team-based, agile innovation and he highlights a range of examples where this has been successful. We agree strongly with his proposed approach, but for different reasons. First we don’t believe that the fundamental problem ...

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The sweet spot for CIO focus today standard

In our recent client work, we’ve developed a maturity model for innovation within digital transformation. We feel two stages in the maturity model represent a sweet spot for CIO focus: Conviction: Solid examples of how digital transformation contributes to the bottom line, as well as the implications of doing nothing. Capability: Providing internal business partners with the infrastructure required to develop and deliver pilot projects, including both partner and technical resources. CIOs should focus on the following questions to accelerate conviction and drive pilot project success: How can we, within the CIO organization, act as an agile catalyst of change at the micro and macro levels to bring about this transformation? Are we prioritizing the discovery of new sources of ...

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Why partnering is critical to Chief Digital Officer success standard

In the media crush around digital transformation, much has been said about the rise of the Chief Digital Officer. A Constellation Research Report describes the importance and role of CDOs as being critical to: Designing new experiences and business models Developing a digital culture Applying new technologies to existing infrastructure Moving from gut- to data-driven decisions

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