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Innovation Culture and Digital Business standard

In a recent blog, we discussed Humanity and the Law of Hyperconnection and concluded that being increasingly connected to people, places and things will require greater mindfulness and self-awareness so we can operate from what is true and authentic within each of us.  We ended speaking briefly to the organizational imperative to be empathetic to the humans within and outside our corporate walls. I’d like to take the organizational imperative to focus on the human factor to the next level.  It’s not just a good HR idea to support employees, partners, and customers by being sensitive to peoples’ need for meaningful, ‘truly’ connected experiences in a hyper— often disconnected— world, but it might be the ticket to using digital as a way of ...

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Demystifying Digital Transformation standard

Are you getting burned out over the endless hype that is Digital Transformation and its attendant terrors: is your business being Ubered, will you be swallowed by the Digital Tsunami, are you pursuing data-driven business models, etc.? Beneath the hype are some core questions about what this Digital Business phenomenon really means to executives, their businesses, and entire – yes, reconstituted – industries. Here at Digital Bridge Partners, we’ve been demystifying the what, why and how of Digital Business Innovation by examining the ways digital is changing the axis of competition and value creation from what we call digitally-enabled value creation to digitally-driven value creation. As the graphic indicates, digitally-enabled value creation pertains to digital acting upon traditional physical elements (basically ...

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Finding Enterprise Value in Hyperconnection standard

Last week we responded to a great Economist article about how Moore’s law– that overall processing power for computers doubles every two years– is slowing. Now SW algorithms and deep learning, the connected cloud and specialized chips embedded in the cloud are what are increasing computational power. A new “Law of Hyperconnection” states that overall network performance doubles every 2 years.  According to Digital Universe that’s how often the world’s data is doubling, so that seems to work. This law gets really exciting  when we start seeing the financial value of all those doubling connections. McKinsey recently calculated that interoperability will drive 40-60 percent of value created by IoT– that’s  $1.5 to 6.7 trillion by 2025. That’s a lot of value ...

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Digital Business Innovation, Actually standard

If you are trying to get your head around the meaning of digital transformation, one of the first steps is distinguishing between a tool and the use of the tool. It’s obvious that digital transformation must include and be defined by digital tools, data, and experiences. But, a common trap is to restrict the transformation to digital, when in fact, transformation is not about digital, it’s about business. That’s why we like to use the term digital business innovation instead of digital transformation to describe what CIOs need to drive now. Digital business innovation is the use of digital foundations- pillars, processes, and tools- to transform how businesses create value. The digital opportunities and threats that business leaders face today demand ...

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The sweet spot for CIO focus today standard

In our recent client work, we’ve developed a maturity model for innovation within digital transformation. We feel two stages in the maturity model represent a sweet spot for CIO focus: Conviction: Solid examples of how digital transformation contributes to the bottom line, as well as the implications of doing nothing. Capability: Providing internal business partners with the infrastructure required to develop and deliver pilot projects, including both partner and technical resources. CIOs should focus on the following questions to accelerate conviction and drive pilot project success: How can we, within the CIO organization, act as an agile catalyst of change at the micro and macro levels to bring about this transformation? Are we prioritizing the discovery of new sources of ...

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Why partnering is critical to Chief Digital Officer success standard

In the media crush around digital transformation, much has been said about the rise of the Chief Digital Officer. A Constellation Research Report describes the importance and role of CDOs as being critical to: Designing new experiences and business models Developing a digital culture Applying new technologies to existing infrastructure Moving from gut- to data-driven decisions

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