Turn Your Partner Channel into a Solutions Factory

By Andy Lauta

In an earlier article, I talked about how enterprise Cloud, SaaS and PaaS vendors could optimize their go-to-market strategy using Solutions. Of course, it’s not trivial for a technology vendor to implement a Solutions-oriented go-to-market approach.

For one thing there are often dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways customers can apply a given Cloud offering within Solutions that vary by industry, use case, company size, geography and more. It’s virtually impossible for even the largest vendors to develop a deep enough understanding of customer environments across the many segment permutations in order to deliver Solutions at scale.

At the same time, remember that moving to the Cloud is all about accelerating time to value, which means technology implementations become normalized around common, best practices. Cloud-based delivery constrains a vendor’s ability to support extensive customization options – in fact, enterprise technology offerings are more vanilla than ever before.

Thank goodness for partner channels. It’s the natural role of partners to extend a technology vendor’s reach across geographies, company sizes, industries and use cases – mapping a single core offering to a wide range of customer- and segment-specific Solutions. In the process, partners inevitably develop segment and use case expertise – and, in many cases, unique IP – that allows them to both differentiate and sell more effectively into their chosen area of focus.

But partners are often small, sometimes slow to adapt, and don’t always have the understanding or wherewithal to ramp up a Solutions-oriented GTM on their own. And yet, we’ve found that with the proper direction and support, a partner channel can become a virtual Solutions Factory – an efficient and highly scalable approach for a vendor to deliver a broad range of Solutions to its end customers.

Once partners learn how to recognize and apply their industry expertise and transform their go-to-market model – including more intentional Solutions identification and definition, Solution-oriented value propositions and messaging, and using proven Solutions marketing and sales techniques – they can quickly implement and scale a Solution-oriented go-to-market strategy.

Turn your partner channel into a Solutions Factory to drive increased sales, profitability and customer lifetime value – all while deepening customer relationships, increasing stickiness, and decreasing churn.

For many years, the team at Digital Bridge Partners has been working with enterprise and Cloud vendors to help them transform their partner channels into Solution Factories by aligning with proven best practices using assessments, training, workshops and other tools. If you’d like to learn more, drop me a line at andy@digitalbridgepartners.com.