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2: Partnering Executives: Out of the Cheap Seats, Into the C-Suite w/ Allan Adler standard

It was Allan’s pleasure to be featured on WorkSpan’s Alliance Ace Podcast talking about how to drive Chief Partnering Officer into the C-suite. Click anywhere on this article to listen to the Podcast. Partnerships can drive 30 percent of enterprise revenue. Yet, so many partnerships fail, leaving trillions of dollars left untapped. While CEOs and other executives believe in the value of alliances, they often the lack the confidence partnering will provide a true ROI. So, partnering executives find themselves relegated to the cheap seats, away from the C-Suite table, and trillions of dollars are left tapped. Allan Adler, managing partner at Digital Bridge Partners, joined us today to help solve this problem, and, hopefully, get back some of those ...

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Transforming Channel Models for Cloud Success – Part 1 of a Series standard

by Allan Adler By now, most of our clients have adopted a cloud-first channel and partnering model and supporting program. In many cases, this has involved taking an existing on-premise partner engagement model and tuning it for cloud and incorporating cloud pricing and licensing, cloud compensation, and associated enablement. The challenge for many of these companies has been moving beyond a repackaged on-premise model to a totally transformed and cloud-enabled partnering program that really drives customer lifetime value.  This requires companies to align the partner strategy and program with the end-to-end cloud customer journey, including: Acquisition – Identification, consideration and selection of a cloud solution. Adoption – Subscription, implementation and onboarding of the cloud solution. Value Realization – Utilization and ...

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Strategic Alliances Need to Be Managed Strategically standard

While strategic alliances are acknowledged to be an increasingly important driver of revenue growth for many corporations, it’s ironic to observe just how non-strategic alliances management and partnering more generally is as a corporate discipline. Why does this matter? It’s widely believed that 30% of enterprise revenue is tied to strategic alliances and that number has been growing steadily over the last few years.  A recent study by IBM found that 82% of business leaders believe partnerships will be a prime vehicle for business growth. Alliances are more important than ever because emerging technologies, new commercial, social, and business models elevate the role and importance of ecosystems and strategic partnerships in creating value.  Start with the technology building blocks that are the foundation of digital transformation ...

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