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Partner Engagement Technologies – Unravelling The Strategic Partner Go-to-Market Catch-22 standard

Despite billions of dollars flowing through strategic partner go-to-market initiatives, the integration of go-to-market processes between partners continues to be problematic. Companies can’t effectively assess cause and effect or make decisions about scaling investment because there aren’t effective means for tracking end-to-end ROI.  As a result, leaders managing these partnerships are often frustrated by their inability to gain sufficient political and financial capital to drive enterprise change with strategic partners. Managing strategic alliances is a complex process.  It cuts across marketing, sales, development, finance, legal, and other enterprise processes and unlike managing a direct sales organization, involves working with partners’ systems which sit outside enterprise firewalls. The combination of disparate processes interacting with a multitude of third-party companies makes partner management goals (orchestration, operationalization, visibility, accountability, ...

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