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Mapping Out Your Business Innovation standard

Take it from those who’ve been on the front line of digital transformation: it is important for CIOs to develop a roadmap for Digital Business Innovation. Certain stages are important precursors for others.   A number of key success factors accelerate the maturity curve, while many common pitfalls stall progress.  CIOs need to understand their organization’s unique maturity model and take an active role in managing it. Transformation is a Journey Successful, efficient journeys, including digital transformation journeys, require clear, sequential roadmaps.  In fact, strategic roadmaps can deliver measurable improvements in digital transformation results. CIOs needing to (re)create their roadmap can use the Digital Business Innovation framework developed by SAP and Digital Bridge Partners, and based in part on research by the Economist ...

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On Platform Strategy: The Engagement Platform standard

As we move from Program to Platform we move from static to dynamic ecosystems.  If you look at SF AppExhange as an example of an engagement platform you see some interesting things happening: It’s not organized by partner types but rather by domains (functional and industry) around which customers and partners come together (this is the notion of value and supply chains coming together dynamically). Partners can share their competencies across multiple domains without getting lost in what kind of partner they are– VAR, SI, ISV, etc. The platform is designed to create commerce (where customers and partners come together)– rather than being a place where a partner picks a track and signs a contract– or an addendum if they ...

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