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Will IT Find Relevance In The Race For Digital Transformation? standard

Paul Kurchina of America’s SAP Users Group (ASUG) wrote an excellent blog about Allan’s recent webinar on IT relevance, featuring four key ways IT can leverage its unique position to drive innovation and business value. Here’s a snippet: Success in today’s digital marketplace relies on both a vision for business model innovation and the delivery of effective digital innovations that bring agile, collaborative, and portfolio-based processes. But there’s a problem: Nearly half (45%) of companies worldwide do not consider digital transformation as a board-level concern. They would rather sit on the fence and wait for a competitor to make the first move and then emulate them. Undoubtedly, those who subscribe to this mindset are doomed to be disrupted over the coming years – and it ...

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Leading The Possible And The Digital Business CIO standard

“IT has special skills to bring to the conversation. The traditional relationship of IT being an internal supplier to the business still exists, yes, but a new role is emerging rapidly, and that’s as a leader in wider conversations in the business about how we, as an organization, combine the digital technologies available and the innovative ideas that we have to drive customer and product innovation.”  -Klas Bendrik, CIO at Volvo Cars Part six of a six-blog series we created with SAP based on Economist Intelligence Unit research of over 800 CIOs throughout the world.

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IT/Business Relevance standard

Successful digital transformation relies on both a strong strategy for transformation and the organizational ability to drive innovation. Although digital transformation is at an early stage in many organizations, it is fundamentally changing the way value is created. Digital value creation is moving from traditional assets to value derived from information about those assets—digitally-enabled efficiencies to digitally-driven revenues. Success relies on both a strategy for business model transformation- a vision for what to do in the face of digital disruption, and the execution of effective digital business innovations- including agile, collaborative, and portfolio-based processes Increase IT’s business relevance by leveraging innovation in these four areas: Product/Market fit, Problem/Solution Fit, Efficiency, and Driving Demand IT must partner early & iterate cross-functionally by finding ...

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Innovation and The Digital Business CIO standard

Most CIOs and business leaders recognize that innovation is what allows organizations to respond to new digital business opportunities. It enables companies to create enterprise value at higher digitally-driven multiples, outperform competition, and achieve faster and more profitable growth. However, unlocking this value requires organizations to change how they think about innovation, moving away from models based on business silos and three-year plans, to more collaborative, agile, and lean approaches. Given the importance of IT in helping lead enterprise-wide digital transformation, the CIO needs to take an innovation leadership role, providing expertise and capabilities to support business outcome-based growth and performance improvement. In the recent study, Digitising IT, SAP worked with the Economist Intelligence Unit, with input from Digital Bridge Partners, ...

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