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The CIO Digital Business Imperative standard

Digital Transformation is the primary driver of the 4th industrial revolution. However, in many organizations digital business has only just begun to change the way value is created, from a focus on the control of hard assets to value derived from information about those assets. Real-time insight into the business network– including suppliers, business processes, and customers– is increasing operating velocity and allowing companies to be more agile and innovative, while at the same time blurring industry lines, lowering barriers to entry, and allowing new players to disrupt. Realizing the benefits of digital business requires a paradigm shift in how companies deliver value, moving from driving efficiencies and creating opportunity in siloed functional domains to driving agile innovation cross-functionally, transforming ...

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America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) Digital Transformation Roadmap: Are You Ready for the Journey? standard

ASUG’s Digital Transformation Perspective white paper does a great job charting the landscape for SAP customers seeking to understand digital drivers, transformation themes, and business model implications, while also giving recommendations on where and how to add value to avoid disruption. The scope, depth and size of the change will be profound. No business, regardless of industry, will remain materially unchanged by the combinatorial forces of mobile, social, cloud, and analytics, and their impact on business models, business process, and people inside and outside of enterprise firewalls. Companies must, as ASUG points out: Modernize and simplify their technology landscapes Leverage the cloud to create agility through best practices and shared services Think outside the box with design thinking and like-minded approaches ...

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The Time for Real-Time Business is Now standard

A recent Cisco study predicted that 4 in 10 incumbents in every industry will be disrupted by 2020.  That’s a lot.  It’s safe to assume the disrupters will be “born in the data” start-ups like Uber and AirBnB who aren’t burdened by old-fashioned business models.  The incumbent companies that do manage to survive will need to adapt to a totally different operating and business model landscape built on running their businesses in an agile and real-time manner and making decisions with a 360-degree view of historic, current, and predictive data – “LIVE Businesses”. Today, large enterprises have troves of data that define every element of the billions of interactions across the hundreds of silos that define a global enterprise.  This data, ...

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Digitizing IT- Allan Adler’s Article Today in the Guardian standard

In a new study entitled Digitizing IT (registration required), SAP worked with the Economist Intelligence Unit to survey more than 800 C-level business and IT leaders at major international organizations about the opportunities and challenges associated with new digital business creation and transformation. Read Allan’s blog about the study in the Guardian, which includes a video of Allan and other top IT influencers at SAP’s Sapphire NOW Conference giving their take on the survey.

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