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Platform Partner Program Design standard

Any company that has built and/or is delivering a PaaS offering, or is contemplating standing up an Internet of Things or other business network (value and supply chain) platform, it is critical to consider not just the technology dimensions of this effort, but also how it affects, and/or requires a tailored partner program.  The practicalities suggest that platforms change the way historical partnerships are viewed  For tech companies, go to market partnerships are nothing new. For industrial companies they represent an entirely new requirement.  For both, they will require new approaches to the partner lifecycle, from partner segmentation, identification, and engagement, through to enablement, support, and management. For a start, partner roles change in a platform model, and are no ...

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How to Make Partner-Led GTM (Channel Management) Agile standard

Operating an Agile Channel Management model is essential in today’s business climate for any company with a partner-led GTM strategy.  This includes: Software, hardware, and/or services vendors Distributors and others that rely on a one or two-tier channel Any company in the process of building out a new platform-based ecosystem – such as GE or other industrial players trying to create an industry platform. Why is this critical? In today’s market, companies must continually innovate and innovation requires companies to be agile in every way – to be the first company to delight the customer, to adjust quickly to new competition or market forces, and to have a team that can continuously learn and succeed through collaboration.  Agile, regardless of domain, is about 4 core ...

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Innovation Culture and Digital Business standard

In a recent blog, we discussed Humanity and the Law of Hyperconnection and concluded that being increasingly connected to people, places and things will require greater mindfulness and self-awareness so we can operate from what is true and authentic within each of us.  We ended speaking briefly to the organizational imperative to be empathetic to the humans within and outside our corporate walls. I’d like to take the organizational imperative to focus on the human factor to the next level.  It’s not just a good HR idea to support employees, partners, and customers by being sensitive to peoples’ need for meaningful, ‘truly’ connected experiences in a hyper— often disconnected— world, but it might be the ticket to using digital as a way of ...

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