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Digital Business Innovation, Actually standard

If you are trying to get your head around the meaning of digital transformation, one of the first steps is distinguishing between a tool and the use of the tool. It’s obvious that digital transformation must include and be defined by digital tools, data, and experiences. But, a common trap is to restrict the transformation to digital, when in fact, transformation is not about digital, it’s about business. That’s why we like to use the term digital business innovation instead of digital transformation to describe what CIOs need to drive now. Digital business innovation is the use of digital foundations- pillars, processes, and tools- to transform how businesses create value. The digital opportunities and threats that business leaders face today demand ...

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Digital Transformation- The CIO Moment standard

In Darrell Rigby’s article last week in Harvard Business Review, “Two Digital Myths That Trip Up the C-Suite,” he debunks the idea that “every individual or organizational unit must be self-sufficient in digital technologies” and that LoB decision makers need to develop their own digital infrastructure. His argument against this approach is based primarily on the “shadow IT” problem, and he highlights the range of negative impacts shadow IT can have. He then says that a more effective strategy for digital infrastructure creation is structured around team-based, agile innovation and he highlights a range of examples where this has been successful. We agree strongly with his proposed approach, but for different reasons. First we don’t believe that the fundamental problem ...

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