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The sweet spot for CIO focus today standard

In our recent client work, we’ve developed a maturity model for innovation within digital transformation. We feel two stages in the maturity model represent a sweet spot for CIO focus: Conviction: Solid examples of how digital transformation contributes to the bottom line, as well as the implications of doing nothing. Capability: Providing internal business partners with the infrastructure required to develop and deliver pilot projects, including both partner and technical resources. CIOs should focus on the following questions to accelerate conviction and drive pilot project success: How can we, within the CIO organization, act as an agile catalyst of change at the micro and macro levels to bring about this transformation? Are we prioritizing the discovery of new sources of ...

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Digital Strategy In Context standard

For many years Digital Bridge Partners has been focused on Enterprise Digital Transformation. Our perspective is deeply rooted in looking at how “Digital” has and will create new operating and business models (in many cases new industries) and transform everything about an incumbent business. We’ve learned in the process how difficult it is for incumbents to actually make change and compete. Our work has focused on examining the market forces, operational change, technology impact, and business model transformations required, and trying to help the organizations (Fortune 500 to start ups) understand how to operate successfully in the new environment. Some of our past projects include: Telecom Helping clients understand and respond to the challenge posed to the Yellow Pages business ...

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