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Vertical Industry Platforms – Selected Characteristics standard

In a recent benchmarking study we conducted we evaluated a range of companies developing vertical industry platforms to enable the “Internet of Things”.  At a high level, these companies range in two critical dimensions: The nature of their offering and maturity of their efforts. Johnson Controls provides a good example.  JCI Panoptix, a sub-brand of Johnson Controls, offers an open platform solution on which 3rd party developers can offer SaaS solutions.  The goal is to build a community of applications and developers, at least initially related JCI’s Building Automation business (it can be assumed that JCI intends to extend this model to other segments).  The platform integrates data from JCI system sensors and makes that data available to the community.  ...

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From Concept to Reality: Vertical Industry Platforms standard

Over the past two years we are beginning to see the early stage realization of IDC’s projection regarding the 3rd wave of computing:  The rise of vertical industry platforms built to: Facilitate the management and exchange of the huge amounts of data generated by industrial systems Enable increased flexibility and interdependence of the associated value chain processes. The elements of such vertical industry platforms include:   General Electric’s “Industrial Internet,” initiative, which seeks to create value from the new business model is a great example.  Such activities however aren’t unique to manufacturing, we are seeing them in a range of industries, from healthcare to financial services. Cloud Channel Consulting is currently working with a number of our large clients to ...

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