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Choosing Your Horse – Which Cloud Vendor to Ride? standard

As in the client/server channel paradigm of yore, Value Added Integrators for Cloud Solutions need to pick the Cloud Vendor horse they wish to ride.  And things get pretty interesting on this front… The big debate revolves around Open stack vs proprietary platform decisions.  On one hand you have the two big proprietary platforms VMWare (who is going Private to Public) and Amazon (who is going Public to Private).  Both of these vendors offer a lot but there are, not withstanding all the cloud washing, real walled gardens in each of their models. On the open stack side, there options are plentiful.  Dozens of start-ups and early stage companies such as Eucalyptus, Rightscale, ManageIQ, and now Rackspace are offering cloud ...

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Bursting out of the Private Cloud – Big AHA! Moment for the Value Added Integrator Roadmap standard

At Digital Bridge Partners, we agree that Private Clouds are the best route to accelerate the move to Cloud Computing in the enterprise.  With that, comes the recognition that managing Hybrid Clouds (private and public together) presents a unique opportunity for a channel that is mostly seen as ‘going away’ in the cloud era. From a channel roadmap point of view, how does this help and what does it mean? Historically the channel (since the dawn of PC era) has grown up as an on-prem integrator bringing disparate HW and SW together to form last mile solutions inside of small to large enterprises.  We know the cloud changes all of this and moves the value prop away from on-prem integration to more ...

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