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Why Partner Matching Still Makes Sense Especially in Facilitating Delivery of Cloud Solutions standard

To date the large majority of effort on the part of vendors in helping their partners “cross the chasm” to the Cloud, is in delivering enablement materials and tools to help partners make business model and operational changes and to build Cloud practices. These efforts are laudatory, but they ignore a simple opportunity.  Right now there are many small and emerging firms that have been very successful in building out a focus on Cloud, what they lack is the market to grow their business.  At the same time, there are many larger firms, with significant client bases, that represent an opportunity to sell in new Cloud offerings and/or their clients are demanding evaluation and deployment of such offerings. At Digital ...

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Driving Partner Business Model Evolution for Cloud Solutions Through Industry Benchmarks standard

In our last post on ways to enable the channel for cloud solutions and drive partner business model evolution we highlighted two mechanisms of primary importance: Helping channel partners understand emerging business models and develop associated Practices, offerings and marketing tools Creating programs that drive partners to build delivery relationships to fill gaps in their business capabilities and do joint planning with them Right now in the marketplace a number of large vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco are starting to address number one above, with varying degrees of success.  These companies have created well laid out roadmaps for their partners that describe in a proscriptive way what they need to do to build new elements of their business.  Microsoft ...

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